Information technology is a rapidly growing industry and CanDev Systems Inc. is looking for affiliates to help invite new members into our SureCommand network. Join our affiliate promotion program today to receive our referral compensation incentives.

Product Solutions Affiliates

CanDev Systems Inc. is actively inviting technology and organization specialists to join our team. If you are a business consultant or information technology specialist, your organization can benefit by adding CanDev Systems Inc. products to your product line.CanDev Systems Inc. affiliates are application specialists who are fully trained to deliver complete onboarding, integration, and training solutions to our customers. Our affiliates are assigned the mission of helping others through the setup, training, and daily operations journey. CanDev Systems Inc. affiliates have an exceptional understanding of the accounting, human resource, scheduling, operations, and marketing modules that ensure our customer's success. There is no organization too small or big for our product solutions affiliates. By becoming an authorized reseller of CanDev Systems Inc. products, you will receive compensation for every organization and user that your organization has invited and is supporting. Please review the affiliates agreement for details.

Product Solutions Affiliates in casual meeting

Accounting Affiliates

The CanDev Systems Inc. accounting partner program connects remote based accounting affiliates with Organizations that use the SureCommand accounting system for their daily record keeping needs. Organizations using the SureCommand accounting system can select and provide controlled access to the accounting partner they choose from the SureCommand accounting partner directory page. The approved accounting affiliates can select their own hourly rate and negotiate their own agreements independently. Many organizations on the SureCommand systems are looking for accounting affiliates to record financial transactions and provide technical accounting system support.

Accounting affiliates discussing financial transactions

Development Affiliates

Your technology organization can become a development partner with CanDev Systems Inc. development team. CanDev Systems Provides API support for vertical application integration for specific industries or transaction processes, such as shipping, communications, marketing, electronic signatures, crypto-currency, merchant services, and more.

Development Affiliate working on project